Feb 29, 2008

Revolutionary Soldiers Resident Or Dying in Onondaga County, N. Y. With Supplementary List of Possible Veterans, Based on a Pension List of Franklin H

JAMES LANKTON This pioneer is reported as certainly a soldier though his name does not appear He was from Harwinton Ct where he married Tirzah Catlin who died in 1799 He bought land in Pompey about 1806 and there he married Mrs Sophia Butler Levi Clark became his administrator Oct 28 1835 "
This is a big break through for me! I never knew that this family was in Onondaga Co., until I happened to find this in Google Books. "Mrs. Sophia Butler" was the sister of Tirzah Catlin Lankton. James must have gone to Pompey earlier than 1806 because their daughter was born May 17, 1801. Which means........ I've been looking in the wrong place all this time!!!! Oh well, back to my reading.

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