Feb 13, 2008

A Leighton Genealogy: Descendants of Thomas Leighton of Dover, New Hampshire by Perley M Leighton

I can't remember exactly when I "met" Perley Leighton through one of those old email lists in the early 90's. We shared emails through several years as he was compiling his book. I bought the 2 volume set as soon as it became available. Great work. My "Leighton" was my 3rd great-grandmother, Nina Harriet Leighton. He had her name recorded as Mina. I told him that her name, Nina (pronounced with a Long i) was handed down a couple of generations and he agreed that it must be then.

I must have still been in his address book when a family member sent notice of Perley M. Leighton's death in March of 2000.

I highly recommend his book to any Leighton descendant. It's a wealth of facts, along with stories, pictures and maps. It is also available on CD, which I don't own, but plan to. I'm glad to look up and pass along information for you people just starting out.

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