May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother's Day 2013, 12 generations of the Mothers of my Mother.

  1. Mary Lynne Bradley b. June 2, 1938 in Lansing Michigan to Burlyn T. Bradley and 
  2. Gertrude Mary Crain, b. March 8, 1910 in Escanaba, Michigan to Timothy Crain and 
  3. Nina Gertrude Bartley, b. Oct. 2, 1897 in Escanaba, Michigan to George B Bartley and 
  4. Nina H. Leighton, b. July 7, 1867 in Jonesport, Maine to Arthur Leighton and 
  5. Lois Donovan, b. September 1845 in Jonesport, Maine to Jeremiah Donovan and
  6. Esther Rogers, b. 1805 in Jonesport, Maine to Prince Rogers and
  7. Lydia Carr, b. April 1, 1763 in Georgetown, Maine to Macrest Carr and
  8. Elizabeth Waite, b. before Dec 1728 in Ipswich, Mass, to Benjamin Waite and
  9. Elizabeth Holland, b. abt 1705 in Ipswich, Mass to John Holland and
  10. Elizabeth Park, b. July 28, 1679 in Cambridge, Mass to Thomas Park and 
  11. Abigail Dix, b. May 26, 1637 in Watertown, Mass to Edward Dix and
  12. Jane, born in England.