Feb 12, 2008

Dead End

James Dickenson Bradley -
He was my 3rd great grandfather, born Sept. 17, 1797. In an 1850 MI census, they reported his birth in Massachusettes. His Son, Ira D. later reports his father as being born in CT. He married Tirzah Lankton on June 5, 1820 in Hartford, CT. Their first son, Ira D., born in Connecticut, Feb. 12, 1821. There were 3 more children between 1822 & 1828 who died young. Don't know where they were born. A son, Joseph O. was born 1829 at Whitestown, Oneida, NY., where the next four children were born. The last daughter was born 1845 in Eaton Co., MI. According to a great grand daughter, the family came to Michigan "by means of ox team and wagon and settled in Kalamo Township, Eaton County, taking up the unbroken wilderness land from the government."

Other Bradley's in Whitestown in 1830 Census were:
Bradley, Alvin pg 200
Bradley, Harvey pg 206
Bradley, Moses pg 204
Bradley, Nathaniel pg 217

Nathaniel seems the right age for a parent?

James in CT 1820:
Bradley, James CT NEW HAVEN CO. EAST HAVEN 362 1820
Bradley, James CT NEW HAVEN CO. MERIDAN 254 1820
Bradley, James CT NEW HAVEN CO. NEW HAVEN CITY 308 1820
Bradley, James CT NEW HAVEN CO. NEW HAVEN CITY 334 1820

Harvey in 1820: (also at NY 1830)
Bradley, Harvey CT NEW HAVEN CO. HAMDEN 272 1820

Moses in 1820 CT: (Also in NY 1830)
Bradley, Moses CT NEW HAVEN CO. WOLCOTT 182 1820

Nathan N. in 1820 CT (maybe in NY 1830 as Nathaniel)
Bradly, Nathan N. CT NEW HAVEN CO. GUILFORD EAST 065 1820

Getting any closer????

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