Feb 29, 2008

Revolutionary Soldiers Resident Or Dying in Onondaga County, N. Y. With Supplementary List of Possible Veterans, Based on a Pension List of Franklin H

JAMES LANKTON This pioneer is reported as certainly a soldier though his name does not appear He was from Harwinton Ct where he married Tirzah Catlin who died in 1799 He bought land in Pompey about 1806 and there he married Mrs Sophia Butler Levi Clark became his administrator Oct 28 1835 "
This is a big break through for me! I never knew that this family was in Onondaga Co., until I happened to find this in Google Books. "Mrs. Sophia Butler" was the sister of Tirzah Catlin Lankton. James must have gone to Pompey earlier than 1806 because their daughter was born May 17, 1801. Which means........ I've been looking in the wrong place all this time!!!! Oh well, back to my reading.

Feb 21, 2008

Cemetery stuff

Center Cemetery
Rt. 4, Corner of South Road
Harwinton, CT

From the Hale Collection,

Bradley, Sarah, wife of Peleg, died Jan, 26, 1806, age 60 yrs.

  • I don't know if these are any of my Bradley's, but they are buried among some other ancestors. She is probably Sarah Graves of New Haven and Peleg may be a son of Abraham Bradley Jr. and Relience Stone

Catlin, Sophia, wife of Capt. Joel, died Jan. 9, 1798, age 75 yrs.
Catlin, Capt. Joel, died July 27, 1797, age 75 yrs.

  • Sophia (Holcombe) and Joel are my 5th great grand parents. Both of their daughters (Tirzah and Sophia) were married to James Lankton.

Lankton, Thomas, died Aug. 12, 1783, age 68

  • Thomas Lankton is my 5th great grandfather

Lankton, Tirzah, wife of James, died Nov. 11, 1798 age 42

  • Tirzah was the first wife of my 4th great grandfather, James Lankton. After her death, her married her sister, Sophia. They had a daughter (Tirzah)who married James Dickinson Bradley in June 1820.

Feb 20, 2008

Ah... The Good Ol' Days

In my never ending quest to find some dead ends, I decided to read Ecclesiastical and Other Sketches of Southington, Conn By Heman Rowlee Timlow. It is a book listed in my Grandmother's sources and is digitized by Google Books.

I've searched the book and read various passages which contain my searched names, but I figured I may miss something so today I started reading the whole darn book. 856 pages. Its fun to read even if it is on the screen instead of the real book. One thing I know for sure is we'd never make it in 1758 at Southington, CT. lol.

Chapter XXIV (pg 404) "Court Record of Southington Parish" The first Justice of the Peace was Jared Lee. By law of the Colony, he handled certain cases involving the Church and society. He kept 25 years worth of records and the Author transcribes a few. The cases and arrests in the book involve neglect of public worship, "rude and idel behaver", "wispering and Laufing ", etc. And you better have the kids under control too!!!

"Laufing Between Meetings"
At a Court holden at Farmington In and For the County of hartford April 25 1758 present Jared Lee Just peace In and for sd County whear as Jane hasard Jun' a minor Daughter of James Hasard of Farmington being Complained of by John webster Granjuror of and a Gainst the sd Jane hasard to Jared Lee Just peace For sd County being Gilty of the breach ofas Law of this Coloni page 139 by profaning sd Day whispering and Laufing between metings of the 26 Day of February 1758 asn the sd Jane Hasard withoute any Lawfull proses personally Appeared In Cort and pleas Gilty aledged In sd Complaint therfour Find the sd Jane Gilty and aledged and theirfour In Cured the penalty of Law In that case thre shiling as a fine to the town one shiling Coas of Cort alowed whear of Execution Remains to be don
June 27 1759 then Recei'd

None of my ancestors were listed in this chapter, but maybe I should find out where those 25 years worth of records are stored and read up!

Feb 13, 2008

A Leighton Genealogy: Descendants of Thomas Leighton of Dover, New Hampshire by Perley M Leighton

I can't remember exactly when I "met" Perley Leighton through one of those old email lists in the early 90's. We shared emails through several years as he was compiling his book. I bought the 2 volume set as soon as it became available. Great work. My "Leighton" was my 3rd great-grandmother, Nina Harriet Leighton. He had her name recorded as Mina. I told him that her name, Nina (pronounced with a Long i) was handed down a couple of generations and he agreed that it must be then.

I must have still been in his address book when a family member sent notice of Perley M. Leighton's death in March of 2000.

I highly recommend his book to any Leighton descendant. It's a wealth of facts, along with stories, pictures and maps. It is also available on CD, which I don't own, but plan to. I'm glad to look up and pass along information for you people just starting out.

Feb 12, 2008


I am, or have been, subscribed to about every internet genealogy service ever known. I've always found a lot of good information on all of them. The problem is after awhile I don't find anything new, so I discontinue for a year or so and check back later. The coolest thing Ancestry.com ever did was add the US Census images! (Although that wasn't too fun during the dial-up days. lol.) Before that I actually had to go to the library and reel through the microfilm. That is fun, too, just a lot more time consuming.

My Mom and I inherited the genealogy bug from my Grandmother. I love to go back and read all of her typed and hand-written correspondence. Some dating back to the 1940's. I have it so easy now. I think what she would have loved about the internet is the camaraderie among fellow researchers and the sharing among cousins you never knew you had.

She has her sources pretty well recorded. 10 years ago I subscribed to a site called "Geneoalogylibrary.com" That was pre-Ancestry.com and I'm not sure if its still around or not. Probably merged with genealogy.com or Ancestry.com or maybe familytreemaker.com... on the other hand, maybe all of those are one in the same by now! Hard to keep up. Anyways, at genealogylibrary, I was able to find the exact books that she had to go to state or university libraries to find. I think I paid $9.95 per month for unlimited access. But now, a bunch of those books (AND MORE) are free to read on Google Books! It just keeps getting better.

So, at the moment, I'm not subscribed to anything. Between Genforum, Rootsweb and Googlebooks I'm all set.

I'm going to gather our own library and post what we have in case it will be of help to anyone else!

Dead End

James Dickenson Bradley -
He was my 3rd great grandfather, born Sept. 17, 1797. In an 1850 MI census, they reported his birth in Massachusettes. His Son, Ira D. later reports his father as being born in CT. He married Tirzah Lankton on June 5, 1820 in Hartford, CT. Their first son, Ira D., born in Connecticut, Feb. 12, 1821. There were 3 more children between 1822 & 1828 who died young. Don't know where they were born. A son, Joseph O. was born 1829 at Whitestown, Oneida, NY., where the next four children were born. The last daughter was born 1845 in Eaton Co., MI. According to a great grand daughter, the family came to Michigan "by means of ox team and wagon and settled in Kalamo Township, Eaton County, taking up the unbroken wilderness land from the government."

Other Bradley's in Whitestown in 1830 Census were:
Bradley, Alvin pg 200
Bradley, Harvey pg 206
Bradley, Moses pg 204
Bradley, Nathaniel pg 217

Nathaniel seems the right age for a parent?

James in CT 1820:
Bradley, James CT NEW HAVEN CO. EAST HAVEN 362 1820
Bradley, James CT NEW HAVEN CO. MERIDAN 254 1820
Bradley, James CT NEW HAVEN CO. NEW HAVEN CITY 308 1820
Bradley, James CT NEW HAVEN CO. NEW HAVEN CITY 334 1820

Harvey in 1820: (also at NY 1830)
Bradley, Harvey CT NEW HAVEN CO. HAMDEN 272 1820

Moses in 1820 CT: (Also in NY 1830)
Bradley, Moses CT NEW HAVEN CO. WOLCOTT 182 1820

Nathan N. in 1820 CT (maybe in NY 1830 as Nathaniel)
Bradly, Nathan N. CT NEW HAVEN CO. GUILFORD EAST 065 1820

Getting any closer????