Feb 20, 2008

Ah... The Good Ol' Days

In my never ending quest to find some dead ends, I decided to read Ecclesiastical and Other Sketches of Southington, Conn By Heman Rowlee Timlow. It is a book listed in my Grandmother's sources and is digitized by Google Books.

I've searched the book and read various passages which contain my searched names, but I figured I may miss something so today I started reading the whole darn book. 856 pages. Its fun to read even if it is on the screen instead of the real book. One thing I know for sure is we'd never make it in 1758 at Southington, CT. lol.

Chapter XXIV (pg 404) "Court Record of Southington Parish" The first Justice of the Peace was Jared Lee. By law of the Colony, he handled certain cases involving the Church and society. He kept 25 years worth of records and the Author transcribes a few. The cases and arrests in the book involve neglect of public worship, "rude and idel behaver", "wispering and Laufing ", etc. And you better have the kids under control too!!!

"Laufing Between Meetings"
At a Court holden at Farmington In and For the County of hartford April 25 1758 present Jared Lee Just peace In and for sd County whear as Jane hasard Jun' a minor Daughter of James Hasard of Farmington being Complained of by John webster Granjuror of and a Gainst the sd Jane hasard to Jared Lee Just peace For sd County being Gilty of the breach ofas Law of this Coloni page 139 by profaning sd Day whispering and Laufing between metings of the 26 Day of February 1758 asn the sd Jane Hasard withoute any Lawfull proses personally Appeared In Cort and pleas Gilty aledged In sd Complaint therfour Find the sd Jane Gilty and aledged and theirfour In Cured the penalty of Law In that case thre shiling as a fine to the town one shiling Coas of Cort alowed whear of Execution Remains to be don
June 27 1759 then Recei'd

None of my ancestors were listed in this chapter, but maybe I should find out where those 25 years worth of records are stored and read up!

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