Feb 27, 2012

Double Wedding at Charlotte

Popular Young People Living South of 
City are Wedded -- Best Man
Becomes Groom
 Charlotte, Mich., May 1.-- Rev. S.C.Hall had the honor of officiating at a double wedding Sunday, the ceremony taking place at his residence in this city. George M. Bradley and Miss Bessie M. Mellor, two popular young people from south of the city were first united in marriage. Wayne C. Bradley, a cousin of the groom, and Miss Leurena Weeks, a chum of the bride, standing up with them.
Immediately after this ceremony the latter two were united in marriage, the newly married Mr. and Mrs. George Bradley acting as best man and bridesmaid. The two couples will reside in Walton township.
(Kalamazoo Gazette-05-02-1911, p.2)

Another fun story about some fellow descendants of James D. Bradley. To me, these newspaper articles give life to the names, dates and charts. Both George and Wayne are Grandsons of Ira D. Bradley, son of James D. Bradley. 

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Lynne said...

"newspaper articles give life to the names, dates and charts" How true and so fun to read..